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Indictment of Hunter Biden Drops, Jan 6th Prisoner Speaks, & Democrats Protect the Biden Corruption

Indictment of Hunter Biden Drops, Jan 6th Prisoner Speaks, & Democrats Protect the Biden Corruption
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Rachel Blevins discussed current events including Russia responding to the transgender Ukrainian official’s death threats to journalists, and Hunter Biden indicted on federal charges.
Sonja Van Den Ende - Independent Journalist, Writer | India and China Get Criticism from Ukraine, The Donbass Region is Delighted to Vote Again, and The Globalists Are Using Ukraine for Global Surveillance Goals
Joe Biggs - US Veteran, January 6th Prisoner, and former Proud Boy Member | Joe Biggs Speaks from the DC Jail, Video Evidence Proves the Proud Boys Were NonViolent, and the Media Helped Demonize the Proud Boys

Mark Krikorian - Executive Director of Center for Immigration Studies | Democrats are Openly in Favor of Unlimited Immigration, Democrats Are Anti-Trump Policies, and Taxpayers are Paying for Democrat Failed Policies

Dennis Fusaro - Virginia Grassroots Conservative Activist, and Second Amendment Advocate | Anti-Gunners are upset at grassroots activists succeeding, The County Sheriff in New Mexico refuses to Enforce the Law Enforced by the New Mexico Governor

In the first hour, Rachel spoke with Sonja Van Den Ende about her return to the Kherson region, Ukraine leaders showed their racism, and the UN weapons shipped into Ukraine. Sonja spoke about the economy of Germany and the German people have noticed the pain of supporting Ukraine. Sonja talked about the land of Ukraine and rumors of Ukraine becoming the first all digital country.

Rachel spoke with Joe Biggs about the way the prosecution used Joe's past military experience, Joe spoke about his personal video evidence of January 6th, and the DC jury hated the Proud Boys. Joe discussed the unfair trial of the Proud Boys and how corrupt the Justice Department has become. Joe spoke about the inmate treatment the Proud Boys have received and the media only showing up for the sentencing of the Proud Boys.

In the second hour, Rachel spoke with Mark Krikorian about the state of Democrats' immigration policies, the Border Patrol is extremely overwhelmed, and the Massachusetts National Guard activated to help with migrants. Mark commented on the Massachusetts governor and her decision to use the National Guard to assist with the migrant crisis. Mark discussed how Americans will vote in the 2024 election and how unlimited immigration has turned negative against Democrats.

Rachel spoke with Dennis Fusaro about the public health emergency order by the New Mexico Governor, Democrats pay attention to what occurred in New Mexico, and a Federal judge paused parts of the emergency health order. Dennis spoke about the Second Amendment in America and how this issue has begun to cross party lines. Dennis compared the period in America when the plague hit America and contrasted it to the New Mexico Governor's emergency health order.
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