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NYC Democrats Confronted Over Migrant Crisis, Zelensky to Visit Biden, and The UAW Strike

NYC Democrats Confronted Over Migrant Crisis, Zelensky to Visit Biden, and The UAW Strike
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Rachel Blevins discussed current events including protestors shouting down New York City Democrats over the migrant crisis, and President Biden lies about teaching classes at University of Pennsylvania
In the first hour, Rachel spoke with Economic Professor Richard Wolff about the UAW strike, workers fighting the class struggle, and wages have not gone up, while inflation has risen. Professor Wolff spoke to the class struggle between workers and employers, and the company executives who have given themselves raises. Professor Wolff discussed the UAW strike and the working-class people of America are fed up with low wages.
Rachel spoke with Leith Fadel, Writer, Producer, and Geopolitical Analyst, about the damage to the infrastructure the floods have caused in Libya. Leith spoke about the importance of Libya, wich was united before Gaddafi was killed, in North Africa and the Obama administration's past crimes within Libya.
In the second hour, Rachel spoke with Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of The 'Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, about the planned trip of President Zelensky to Washington DC, the American public tired of taxpayer funds sent to Ukraine, and the Biden administration's determination to bring America into a World War III scenario. Daniel talked about the popularity of President Putin in Russia and how the Russian public has questioned Putin's less aggressive tactic against Ukraine. Daniel commented on Republican support for the war in Ukraine and the backlash from the American public.
Rachel spoke with Steve Gill, Attorney and CEO of Gill Media, about the Hunter Biden gun charge indictment, Democrats begin to question if Joe Biden can survive an impeachment inquiry, and the weakness of the cases against Donald Trump. Steve pointed out the illegality of the appointment of David Weiss and the special counsel laws ignored by the Biden White House.
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