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Armored Behemoths: Comparing NATO and Russia's Top Tanks

NATO's proxy war against Russia in Ukraine has shattered the myth of the superiority of Western armor against its Russian counterparts, with dozens of German-made Leopard 1 and 2s and several Challenger 2s destroyed during Ukraine's stalled counteroffensive. Check out Sputnik's video for a detailed breakdown of NATO and Russia's top tanks.
The crisis in Ukraine has shown that heavily-armed tanks continue to be an important component of modern warfare, with thousands of tanks engaged and hundreds damaged or destroyed during 19 grueling months of combat.
Tanks continue to prove an important instrument for rapid breakthroughs on the front, on the condition that they are backed up by infantry, artillery and effective air superiority and intelligence support. Ukraine has lacked the latter three in the course of its summer counteroffensive, helping to explain the minuscule gains its armed forces have been able to make, at staggering cost, notwithstanding its possession of a large-scale armored component, including hundreds of modern Western main battle tanks.
How do NATO's most modern tanks, including the British Challenger 2, the French Leclerc, the German Leopard 2A6, the American M1A2 Abrams stack up against Russia's T-90M Proryv by firing range, reactive armor capability, weight, cost and ammunition capacity? Watch the comparison video for answers.
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