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Trudeau Refuses to Accept Responsibility for Celebration of Nazi and Trump Guilty of Fraud in NY

Trudeau Refuses to Accept Responsibility for Celebration of Nazi and Trump Guilty of Fraud in NY
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Rachel Blevins discussed current events including 52 people arrested after looters targeted stores across Philadelphia, and Justin Trudeau apologizes for celebrating a Ukrainian Nazi.
Mark Sleboda - International Relations and Security Analyst | Poland is the Next Ukraine, Justin Trudeau Blames Russian Propaganda, and Canada's History of Protecting Ukrainian Nazis

Steve Gill - Attorney and CEO of Gill Media | The GOP Debate Candidates are Competing for Second Place, Reports of $250K wired to Hunter Biden originating from Beijing, and More Lawfare Against Donald Trump

Professor Richard Wolff - Economic Professor, Marxist | The Real Culprits for America's Problems are Economic, China has Become a Real Competitor to the US, and Politicians Have Become Desperate

In the first hour, Rachel spoke with Mark Sleboda about Canada's history with Ukrainian Nazis, Ukraine spokesperson Sarah Ashton-Cirillo pranked call, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed Russian "disinformation" for his celebration of a Nazi in the Canadian Parliament. Mark commented on the UK journalist arrested for 'malinformation' and how exposing state propaganda has become a crime. Mark spoke about Poland's political grand stand against Canada and Justin Trudeau's deflection.

Rachel spoke with Steve Gill about Donald Trump's guilty verdict in New York civil courts, the GOP debates are not important to voters, and the lawfare used against the Trump family business. Steve criticized New York Judge Engoron's decision that Trump consistently overvalued his Mar-a-Lago estate and the New York Attorney General Jetita James non stop pursuit of Donald Trump.

In the second hour, Rachel spoke with Professor Richard Wolff about the economic problems that face America, all empires end up falling, and the numerous countries that have applied to the BRICS alliance. Professor Wolff discussed the number of countries invaded by the United States and how a number of the US allies declined to join America on sanctions against Russia. Professor Wolff recalled the story of the Boston Tea Party and compared it to the rise of China.
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