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Russia's Obereg Bulletproof Vest Outperforms US Rival by Stopping All Projectiles

The weight of the vest is a mere 11.5 kg, and its total coverage is over 50 square decimeters. Rostec is now working to reduce the vest's mass down to 10-10.5 kg.
Hi-tech Russian state corporation Rostec has published footage showcasing a new piece of military equipment that withstood the impact of bullets far beyond its designed capacity.
Obereg (lit. Talisman) bulletproof vest, commissioned to the special military operational zone, tested positive for absorbing the impact of a powerful 8.6x70mm Lapua Magnum rifle bullet (.338in), thus exceeding its original capabilities, whereas a captured US-made vest failed to block an AK assault rifle bullet. Relevant range test results are shown in the video.
The video produced by Rosteс for its new “Nash Krash” project (lit. Our Crush) shows three flak jackets undergoing comparative performance tests. The vests in question are a cheap one available on the market, the new Russian-manufactured Obereg, and an American jacket used by the Ukrainian army. All the vests fall under the BR5 protection level (Class 6 of Russia’s GOST armor standard).
Russia's Obereg was the only model to fully sustain all types of shells, including 7.62x39mm, 7.62x54mmR, and 8.6x70mm munitions.
"As you can see, 8.6x70mm bullet (aka .338in Lapua Magnum) left a dent right here. State-level testing does not even provide for such a shot," said Pavel Pavlenko, general director of the Oktava plant (Rosteс's sister company).
Pavlenko added that a vest tests positive in case the armor piece withstands such an impact level (where the bullet does not penetrate the plate, but only leaves a dent).
An 8.6x70mm bullet did not pierce the cheapest available vest either, but it left a serious dent on the back side of the plate, a dent the size that would have inflicted life-threatening injuries.
The American model was shown to be the least resistant. A standard intermediate round of a 7.62x54mmR AK assault rifle bullet cut right through it. The other two models managed to stop the shot.
Pavlenko clarified that the plate of the Obereg vest is a multi-layer design, made with ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), ceramics, kevlar fiber, and an additional protective layer that reduces fragmentation dispersion and creates moisture insulation.
The combined weight of the Obereg (including side, throat and shoulder protection, as well as the armored apron, and the backside plate) is 11.5 kg, considered lightweight for the BR5 protection level. The total coverage area is over 50 square decimeters. Rostec is now working on reducing its mass to 10-10.5 kg.
The commercial value of the Obereg stands at 115,000 rubles ($1,160). In contrast, American samples that failed AK bullets test cost over 200,000 rubles ($2,000).
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