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Maine Hunts for Shooting Suspect, Israel Promises Ground Incursion

Maine Hunts for Shooting Suspect, Israel Promises Ground Incursion
Authorities in Maine hunt for the suspect in a mass shooting that left dozens dead, and Israel conducts a raid on northern Gaza.
Independent investigative journalist Christopher Helali joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss comments made by the Israeli prime minister about a coming ground invasion in the Gaza Strip. He also discussed violence and arrests in the West Bank, US President Joe Biden suggesting Palestinian death tolls are inflated, whether billions spent in “security assistance” combined with a secretive US presence in many countries across the Middle East is creating stability or only risk, and how to understand the latest positive economic news in the United States.
Scientist and human rights activist Mazin Qumsiyeh discusses healthcare and access to water and electricity for Palestinians, why the provision of aid through Gaza’s border with Egypt has been so slow, the fates of perhaps thousands of missing Palestinian citizens of Israel, the uptick of violence in the West Bank, and whether any of Israel and Gaza’s neighbors can influence either governments’ actions.
Writer and editor of the Polemicist Jim Kavanagh discusses what agenda Congressman Mike Johnson might bring to the speakership, whether Johnson’s support for former President Donald Trump presents a threat, why Republicans have slowed down their efforts toward impeaching President Joe Biden, whether the Democratic response to allegations of election interference in 2020 presents its own dangers, Trump being fined for violating a gag order, Texas’ efforts to use state police to manage immigration policy, and the deal the United Auto Workers has gotten from Ford after weeks on strike.
Executive Director of the Quaker House Wayne Finegar discusses what we know about the person suspected of killing 18 people in Maine, how unwell and potentially dangerous people fall through the cracks in our social safety system, the lack of red flag laws in US states that prevent law enforcement from taking weapons from potentially unstable people, and why high rates of gun ownership don’t necessarily lead to high rates of violent crime.
The Misfits also discuss the effects of the deadly Hurricane Otis in Mexico and the liberation of beans from cans.
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