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Can Serbia Be Another Color Revolution Opportunity for the West?

Can Serbia Be Another Color Revolution Opportunity for the West?
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Rachel Blevins discussed current events including FBI's involvement in the Governor Whitmore kidnap plot, and US should place ‘no limit’ on civilian casualties in Gaza, according to Lindsey Graham.
In the first hour, Rachel spoke with investigative journalist, blogger, and author Nebojsa Malic about the desperate pleas for attention by Ukrainian President Zelensky, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, and how Serbia has been promised EU membership. Nebojsa explained the expected dissolvement of Parliament by Serbian President Vucic and how the US may assist in a color revolution post Serbia's December 17th snap election.
Rachel spoke with former CIA officer, author, and co-host of Political Misfits John Kiriakou about the FBI's involvement in the Governor Whitmore kidnap plot, how the DOJ stalls appeals, and the facts in the Michigan Governor's kidnapping plot. John described the form of diesel therapy inflicted on three men found guilty in the Governor Whitmore kidnapping plot and the media ignores the FBI's creation of cases to entrap individuals with conspiracy.

In the second hour, Rachel spoke with political cartoonist, syndicated columnist and co-host of The Final Countdown Ted Rall about the Houthis in Yemen sending strikes toward Israel, Joe Biden's complicity in the deaths of civilians in Gaza, and whether Republicans will decouple Israel aid and Ukraine aid. Ted talked about the chances of the conflict in the Middle East expanding and how much longer the US can support the violence occurring in Gaza.

Rachel spoke with Attorney, Media Relations Specialist Tyler Nixon about the Trump children set to testify in the New York fraud trial, House Speaker Johnson's appetite to impeach Joe Biden, and more evidence of corruption from Joe Biden's political career. Tyler discussed the amount of hours the Trump children have testified over the years and contrasted that from Hunter Biden's lack of subpoena to testify on the Biden crime family.
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