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Demonization of China is Not Helping United States

Demonization of China Is Not Helping the United States
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Rachel Blevins discussed current events including Biden calling President Xi a dictator, and the US Defense Department failing its sixth audit.
In the first hour, Rachel spoke with veteran news anchor Manila Chan about the anti-Semitism rally in Washington DC, college students paid to attend by organizers, and Jew vs Jew anti-Semitism. Manila explained the makeup of the crowd at the anti-Semitism rally and how the rally compared to other protests Manila has covered.
Rachel spoke with attorney and CEO of Gill Media Steve Gill about what Speaker Johnson has done so far, Congress gives themselves a longer Thanksgiving break, and Republicans will lose a seat in Congress. Steve talked about the way Republicans always lose on messaging and how Mitch McConnell does whatever Chuck Schumer asks of him.

In the second hour, Rachel spoke with speaker, writer, political analyst, and author Caleb Maupin about his on the ground reporting at the APEC meeting, Joe Biden asked if President Xi is a dictator, and how Gavin Newsome had the homeless population of San Francisco moved a few blocks away. Caleb described the subjects discussed during the Biden-Xi meeting and how President Xi wants to help with drug addiction.

Rachel spoke with Forbidden Truth podcast host and candidate for Arizona's 8th Congressional District Jacob Chansley about the way the mainstream media characterized Jacob, the mockingbird media, and the DOJ charges against Jacob. Jacob spoke about the American justice system and the way the DOJ uses conspiracy charges when they lack physical evidence.
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