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Israeli Forces Continue to Hunt for Evidence of Hamas in Stricken Gazan Hospitals

Israeli Forces Continue to Hunt for Evidence of Hamas in Stricken Gazan Hospitals
In today's episode of Political Misfits we discuss IDF searches Al-Shifa, millions kicked off Medicaid, ketamine shortage, and more.
Former Washington Post bureau chief and award-winning foreign correspondent Jon Jeter joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the Congressional fallout after passing a continuing resolution to keep the government from a shutdown, what people are finding so revelatory in a 20-year-old letter by Osama bin Laden, what will happen if millions more poor Americans are kicked off Medicaid, and Hunter Biden tossing a procedural grenade at former President Donald Trump by asking Trump be subpoenaed in Hunter's case.
Mental health counselor and hypnotherapist Dr. Harriet Fraad discusses why taking more prescription mental health drugs isn’t the solution to the US mental health crisis, why drugs are pushed at the expense of other therapies, the dangers of direct to consumer drug marketing, and whether doctors have a responsibility to raise an alarm at skyrocketing prescriptions for a variety of mental health drugs.
Former senior FBI agent and is a renowned whistleblower Coleen Rowley discusses a judge allowing oral arguments in a case the CIA wants dismissed: the case against private company UC Global for spying on Washington’s behalf on WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy. She also discusses a novel defense used by Paul Pelosi’s attacker.
Israeli journalist and political activist, and executive director of +972 Magazine Haggai Matar discusses the ongoing raid of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza by Israeli forces, what is next for civilians in Gaza, the toll on journalists and journalism of this conflict, and what plans could be in store for the Gaza strip when the violence slows down.
The Misfits also discuss the DNC’s bungling of its primary reshuffle and some bad polling news for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
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