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Ex-WH Doctor Warns Biden ‘Can’t Do the Job’ as His Cognitive Decline ‘Happening Quickly’

© AFP 2023 / BRENDAN SMIALOWSKIUS President Joe Biden carries a beverage as he visits local shops with relatives in Nantucket, Massachusetts, on November 25, 2023.
US President Joe Biden carries a beverage as he visits local shops with relatives in Nantucket, Massachusetts, on November 25, 2023.  - Sputnik International, 1920, 27.11.2023
The former White House physician has repeatedly expressed doubt about Joe Biden's physical and mental competence to perform his duties, especially in light of next year's US presidential election.
US President Joe Biden's cognitive decline is “happening quickly,” Texas GOP Congressman Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, told a US broadcaster.

"I've taken care of three presidents… so I know firsthand what it takes to be the commander-in-chief and the head of state. It's a grueling job, both mentally and physically. This man can't do the job. He's proven to us every single day that he can't do the job, but this is going to get worse," Jackson said.

Referring to the 46th US president, the ex-White House physician added that it’s “just unbelievable how much he's degenerated just during his time in office.”
U.S. President Joe Biden speaks at the White House. - Sputnik International, 1920, 28.09.2023
Over Half of US Voters ‘Very Concerned’ About Biden’s Cognitive Health - Poll
"We cannot afford to have this man in office for the remainder of this term and then [for] another four years after that. He's already putting us at great risk right now," Jackson pointed out.
The GOP Congressman also singled out a series of concerns he has regarding his country, pointing to the crisis at the US southern border, international tensions and the economic issues that have arisen under Biden.
"[Look at] the wars that we're getting drawn into. Things that wouldn't happen if Donald Trump were there because our enemies don't fear us anymore. They have no respect for us anymore and our adversaries don't trust us anymore, and it's because we don't have the leadership in the White House that we need," Jackson added.

He insisted that Biden, "even if he wanted to, cannot provide that leadership." According to the former White House physician, POTUS is "not physically and cognitively fit for office anymore, and somebody in his inner circle needs to step up to the plate and make him aware of this, and he needs to move on for the safety and security of this country."

The remarks come a week after Jackson told a US news network that Biden does not have "cognitive ability" to serve another term.
"He's got these people that surround him that are inappropriately encouraging him to continue to run because it builds up who they are and what they do. […] And it's just on display every day that he's not capable of doing this job anymore," Jackson stressed.

In April, the ex-White House doctor circulated a letter among House Republicans demanding that Biden undergo a cognitive test or withdraw from the 2024 race. The letter cited Biden's age, public gaffes, and polls showing doubts about his mental fitness among many Americans. The Biden administration has consistently rejected these concerns, with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stating that similar attacks on Biden's fitness for office failed in the past.

Biden turned 81 on November 20, 2023. He was the oldest president to have ever been inaugurated, taking the oath of office at the age of 78. If Biden wins the 2024 presidential race, he will turn 86 before completing his would-be second term as US president.
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