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Russia Embarks on Serial Production of Cutting-Edge Helicopter Drone

The presentation of the Termit helicopter drones took place during a visit by Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, to the Rudnevo Industrial Park.
Russia has started serially producing MPD-01 Termit helicopter-type drones, equipped with S-8L missiles.
Artificial intelligence enables the Termit to function in "free hunting" mode, enabling it to locate and target various objects such as armored vehicles, fortifications, and enemy infantry. Having three S-8L fragmentation-fusion missiles, the Termit's accuracy is enhanced through laser guidance from either the drone itself or a ground-based gunner.
The Termit does not require airfields, as it is a helicopter-drone that can take off and land anywhere. It can even be transported on a jeep trailer.
The Russian Termit drone, equipped with S-8L missiles, is ideal for conducting deep attacks into enemy territory, when the risk of losing a vehicle with pilots is too high.
Explore Sputnik's infographic to learn more about Russia's Termit helicopter drones:
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