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Which Parts of Yemen Were Hit by Joint US-UK Strikes?

On Friday night, the United States and the United Kingdom launched a series of strikes against the Houthis (the military organization Ansar Allah) in Yemen. Officials say 60 targets were hit in 16 different locations.
The US used F-22 jets and Tomahawk cruise missiles, while the UK used Typhoon fighter jets and Paveway IV guided bombs to conduct strikes on Houthi military infrastructure.
Washington and London targeted the Al-Daylami airbase north of the Yemeni capital Sanaa, Hodeidah airport, Abbs airfield, Taiz airport, Kahlan military base in Saada province, and other sites.
The US and UK insist they only targeted military infrastructure, including drone production facilities and missile launch sites.
"We were absolutely not targeting civilian population centers. We were going after very specific capabilities in very specific locations with precision munitions," the unnamed Pentagon official told the media.
Houthi leader Mohammed al-Bukhaiti said on social media that "America and Britain made a mistake in launching the war on Yemen because they did not benefit from their previous experiences." Other Houthi officials denounced the joint strikes as a "brutal agression" against Yemen and vowed a harsh response.
Russia has strongly condemned the attack on Yemen, calling it a "complete disregard for international law."
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