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President Zelensky Replaces Army Commander; Tucker Carlson Releases Putin Interview

President Zelensky Replaces Army Commander; Tucker Carlson Releasing Putin Interview at 6 PM EST
Instability in the Kiev Regime continues as President Zelensky replaces the armed forces commander in chief with Col. Gen. Oleksandr Syrsky.
Ted Rall, political cartoonist, syndicated columnist, and host of Final Countdown, joins us to discuss the Tucker Carlson interview and the censorship industry's move to bail out the dying corporate media.
EJ Magnier, veteran Middle East War correspondent, joins us to discuss the special military operation and the true meaning of the "America First" rhetoric used by right-wing populists in the US.
Regis Tremblay, an American citizen in Crimea, joins us to discuss the crumbling Ukrainian military and the Sino-Russian comprehensive partnership.
KJ Noh, peace activist, writer, and teacher, cooperation between Russia and China and US military moves in the Asia Pacific region.
Caleb Maupin, journalist and political analyst, joins us to discuss US imperialism as the neocon wars grow in an attempt to save American hegemony.
Jim Kavanagh, political and cultural analyst and writer for Jim Kavanagh's substack and thepolemicist.net, joins us to discuss the plight of Julian Assange as he languishes in a prison cell and his claims that mainstream journalists are war criminals.
Dan Kovalik, writer, author, and lawyer, joins us to discuss US imperialism in Latin America and the neocon moves to destabilize Venezuela.
George Koo, journalist, social activist, and international business consultant, joins us to discuss Chinese military technology advances and US aggression against the Asian economic giant.
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