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SCOTUS Hears Trump Ballot Case, Bolsonaro Accused of Coup Plotting

SCOTUS Hears Trump Ballot Case, Bolsonaro Accused of Coup Plotting
The Ukrainian president fires his commander in chief, and planes collide at Boston’s Logan Airport.
Adjunct professor and former general counsel of the NAACP Kim Keenan joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss arguments before the Supreme Court on removing former President Donald Trump from ballots, what the court is likely to decide, and why this decision would only apply to primary ballots. She also addresses the panic among Democrats regarding increasing interest in third parties, what might come from left-of-center candidates attending the Libertarian national convention, growing resentment over Mitch McConnell’s leadership among Republican Senators, and the return of the government shutdown fears.
English-language Brazil correspondent for TeleSur Brian Mier discusses the investigation into former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro over allegations he and members of his cabinet conspired to carry out a military coup, what public evidence exists for these accusations, where Bolsonaro’s base has gone, and what prosecution those targeted in the investigation might face. He also explains why some US media outlets insist that what happened in Brazil following the 2022 election is identical to the social unrest in the US after the 2020 election.
Independent investigative journalist Christopher Helali discusses the latest US drone attack in Baghdad, Pakistani elections being carried out amid violence, why Hamas and Israel haven’t been able to come to another deal to pause or end their war, and the media freakout over Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Belfast-based political commentator and socialist activist Phil Kelly discusses the expansion of farmer protests across European cities over EU policies for agriculture, how the protests have been characterized in media and across society, how EU governments have reacted to these demonstrations, how to see the shadow of the Ukraine war over these protests, and how Northern Ireland was finally able to put together a government.
The Misfits also discuss President Joe Biden communing with the dead, and the suspension of Democratic Primary candidate Marianne Williamson.
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