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National Security Theater, Trump Trials, Colombia Lawfare

National Security Theater, Trump Trials, Colombia Lawfare
Both Congress and ICE engage in political theater and fearmongering in a hunt for more funding.
Writer and journalist Daniel Lazare joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and Ben Zinevich to discuss an eventful day for former President Donald Trump and his many court battles. They break down his felony accounting fraud case in Manhattan, the Atlanta hearing on the conduct of the prosecutorial team heading his election interference case there, and why the Supreme Court is being asked to intervene on the question of presidential immunity in his federal election interference case. They also discuss CBS firing correspondent Catherine Herridge, and New York City's lawsuit against major social media entities for their alleged role in the country’s youth mental health crisis.
Journalist and co-editor of Peoples Dispatch Zoe Alexandra discusses efforts to thwart the will of President Gustavo Petro in Colombia, signs pointing to a lawfare campaign underway in the country, and how right-wing forces in Latin America have attempted to prevent progressive forces from taking power in ways more subtle than military interventions.
Labor attorney, human rights activist and author Daniel Kovalik discusses the political theater ensuing over a purported national security threat from Russia amid failures to pass further aid to Ukraine, how the threat also relates to the FISA 702 reauthorization vote, the Russian president's public remarks about who he favors working with as US leader, a security agreement between Ukraine and France, more countries "warning" Israel against a Rafah ground offensive, and mounting efforts among progressives to withhold votes from Joe Biden in key battleground states.
Community organizer and immigrant activist Maru Mora Villalpando discusses why Immigration and Customs Enforcement is saying it might have to release migrants over a cash crunch, what detention facilities for migrants in the US are like and who ends up in them, and how to understand the way profit drives immigration policy and narratives.
The Misfits also discuss comic book characters, a Tesla crash fatality, and the love lives of Democratic politicians.
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