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Macron Sparks Fear of WW3 with Talk of NATO Troops to Ukraine

Macron Sparks Fear of WW3 with Talk of NATO Troops to Ukraine; Michigan Dem Voters Furious at Biden
Despite admissions that NATO countries are running out of weapons, Emanuel Macron has raised the specter of world war by suggesting considerations of NATO troops in Ukraine.
Dr. Gerald Horne, Professor of History at the University of Houston, joins us to discuss potential NATO troops in Ukraine. He also talks about political unrest in Senegal and the results of the election in Indonesia.
Regis Tremblay, an American citizen in Crimea, joins us to discuss the downplay of Ukrainian losses by President Zelensky and the possibility of NATO troops in Ukraine.
Dr. Radhika Desai, author and professor, joins us to discuss starvation in Gaza and Sweden’s acceptance in NATO.
Jim Kavanagh, political and cultural analyst and writer, joins us to discuss the Michigan primaries and a US airman who burned himself alive.
Mark Sleboda, Moscow-based international relations security analyst, joins us to discuss Moscow’s reaction to the possibility of NATO troops in Moscow and claims that Russian operatives are behind protests in the EU.
Misty Winston, radio host and free speech activist, joins us to discuss moves to prevent the Michigan primaries teaching of America’s racial history in schools and a potential government shutdown.
Dr. Linwood Tauheed, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, joins us to discuss neoliberal economic policies that hurt the poor and upcoming economic data.
Dr. Jack Rasmus, professor of Economics and Politics at St. Mary's College in California, joins us to discuss immigration’s effect on the economy. Also, he has penned an article on the Ukraine war after two years.
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