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Indicators and Forecasts of World GDP of G7 and BRICS +

The share of BRICS in the global economy at purchasing power parity will increase to 36.6% by 2028, while the G7's share will drop to 27.8%, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his 2024 address to the Federal Assembly.
BRICS countries' GDP in purchasing power parity was 19.3% of the world's GDP in 1992, while the G7 countries' was 45.7%, according to the President's presentation. At the same time, by the end of 2022, the balance was already in favor of the BRICS - 34.4% against 30.3%.
"Ten to 15 years ago, the situation was completely different ... Global trends are objective in nature ... By 2028, the situation will change even more toward the BRICS, it will be 36.6%. For the G7, the forecast for 2028 year is 27.8%. This has to happen. This is an objective reality. And so it will be. No matter what happens, including even in Ukraine," Putin stated.
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