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Biden Preps for SOTU Address; China/Russia Trade Hits Record High; Canada Protects Nazis

Biden Preps for SOTU Address; China/Russia Trade Hits Record High; Canada Protects Nazis
President Biden is preparing for a much-anticipated State of the Union address, as many observers focus on his cognitive abilities rather than his rhetoric.
Dr. Gerald Horne, Professor of History at the University of Houston, TX, author, historian, and researcher, joins us to discuss President Biden's upcoming State of the Union address.
Robert Fantina, journalist and Palestinian activist, joins us to discuss the role of Israel as a policy tool of US imperialism.
Dr. Margaret Flowers, activist and editor of "Popular Resistance.org," joins us to discuss corporate media as a policy tool of US imperialism and a move to ban TikTok.
George Koo, a journalist, social activist, and international business consultant, joins us in discussing China's and Russia's record-high trade and the Philippines as a policy tool of US imperialism.
Yves Engler, Canadian-based writer, author of 12 books, and political activist, joins us to discuss Canada's refusal to address the issue of Nazi war criminals within its borders.
Mark Sleboda, Moscow-based international relations security analyst, joins us to discuss Germany's move to reinstall conscription and French President Macron's call to send troops to Ukraine as evidence of Kiev's unraveling security situation.
Dr. Linwood Tauheed, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, joins us to discuss neoliberal capitalism and how it impoverishes the masses.
Ted Rall, political cartoonist, syndicated columnist, and host of Final Countdown, joins us to discuss The DOJ's refusal to prosecute Joe Biden and the unraveling of the Nuland neocon project.
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