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Biden v. Netanyahu, DOJ Eyes Boeing, Chaos in Haiti

Biden v. Netanyahu, DOJ Eyes Boeing, Chaos in Haiti
The DOJ is reportedly investigating whether Boeing violated the terms of a 2021 settlement, and Gaza was a presence at the Oscars.
Co-host of the Critical Hour on Sputnik Radio Dr. Wilmer Leon joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the de facto beginning of the general election as former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden repeat their 2020 race, whether Trump voters care about the criminal and legal cases against him, what the timing of these cases means for the campaign, the possible self-destruction of No Labels, the interesting North Carolina gubernatorial race, and the McCarthyist showboating from Senator Tom Cotton toward the Department of Defense.
Beirut-based journalist and head of news for The Cradle Esteban Carrillo discusses tensions between Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s war in Gaza grinds erodes Biden’s popularity, whether Netanyahu has enough political capital domestically to remain in power, what’s behind the US move to build a temporary pier in Gaza, why Netanyahu feels so emboldened as to insult his major patron, and whether there will be a split between the US and Europe on how to respond to attacks on Red Sea shipping.
Critical medical anthropologist Adrienne Pine discusses the Department of Justice’s reported criminal investigation into Boeing, the likelihood the Department of Justice will hold Boeing accountable, the achievements and evolution of Palestinian solidarity protests, the reestablishment of funding for UNRWA by Canada and Sweden, and what is next for Haiti as violence continues amid a total collapse of government.
Former associate deputy attorney general and leading constitutional scholar Bruce Fein discusses why talking about “international law” as it applies to the war in Gaza misses the real issue - politics - and how the UN, for example, represents the exercise of raw power rather than any principles of law. He also discusses the terrible choice facing American voters in 2024.
The Misfits also discuss the UK royal family’s latest embarrassment and another “technical issue” on a Boeing plane.
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