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CIA on Social Media, Healthcare Talking Points, Biden’s Michigan Trip

CIA on Social Media, Healthcare Talking Points, Biden’s Michigan Trip
The White House prepares new rhetoric about Americans’ economic woes, but has yet to offer concrete solutions to campaign on.
Author, activist and journalist Robert Fantina join Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss why calls for peace negotiations in Ukraine are still taboo in Europe; a summit between the leaders of France, Germany, and Poland to try and reconcile their Ukraine stances; reports that the US held indirect talks with Iran asking Tehran to pressure the Ansar-Allah government in Yemen to stop attacking Red Sea shipping; security summits between Turkey and Iraq; US officials trying to sketch out an acceptable Rafah operation; and Senator Chuck Schumer calling for the removal of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

President of Healthy California Now and longtime nurses union organizer Michael Lighty discusses how health care is being discussed as a presidential campaign topic, why campaign conversations focus on niche issues rather than across-the-board care and cost problems, how Congressional Democrats are working against their own president’s stated desire to cap Medicare drug prices, how the opioid crisis fits into the public health conversation, and whether Democrats will be able to use abortion to galvanize their base yet again.
Author, political scientist, and host of the American Exception podcast Aaron Good discusses President Joe Biden's trip to Michigan after a high-profile protest vote against the president in that state, how swing states will decide the election in November, whether Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will change the electoral map, the many ways Congressional Republicans are trying to impeach Biden, discussions about Kennedy's potential vice presidential pick, Trump allies considering the purchase of TikTok, reports about a secret CIA operation to use social media to influence citizens on China, a rare maneuver by Congress to keep war funding flowing, and Trump appearing in court today in the classified documents case.
The Misfits also discuss Kamala Harris’ persisting unfavorability among voters, record numbers of Americans tapping their retirement accounts in financial emergencies, and the fight over US Steel.
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