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Afghanistan Hearings, More Primary Results, Drone Wars

Afghanistan Hearings, More Primary Results, Drone Wars
After nearly a dozen court flip-flops, Texas’ state immigration law remains blocked, but court arguments today might change that soon.
Author and West Coast Regional Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition Richard Becker joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss Congressional hearings on who was responsible for the chaos and deaths involving the US exit from Afghanistan, intense aggression of Israeli military on Al Shifa Hospital in Khan Yunis, a cruise missile launched by Ansar Allah that landed in Israel, proposals by pro-Israel commentators to force out the population Gaza and build waterfront properties, and the murder of Al Jazeera journalists by Israeli forces in January.
Canadian author and activist Yves Engler discusses Canada’s decision to limit the arms sales to Israel, how ongoing public protest has forced a rhetorical shift among Canadian leaders on the war in Gaza, whether Europe is going to be able to rouse its citizens to war, what the EU is asking for if it shifts to a war economy footing, and how the ban on Russian and Belorussian athletes participating in the Paris Olympics’ opening ceremony shows how many supposedly apolitical multilateral organizations actually function as soft power levers for NATO and Washington.
Republican strategist and former vice chair of the Maryland Republican Party Eugene Craig discusses a review of this week's primary races, the risky Democratic strategy of helping right-wing Republicans win their primaries, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem's toothy attempt to gain the attention of presidential candidate Donald Trump, how a government shutdown will likely almost be averted, former Congresswoman Liz Cheney giving a non-endorsement of President Joe Biden, and whether some of Trump’s convicted former cronies will want to return for a possible second administration.
Reporter, researcher, writer, and political organizer Nick Mottern discusses the expansion of drone use in warfare and covert operations by the US military and intelligence services, whether we should be concerned about swarms of AI-piloted drones, how drone warfare has affected and will continue to affect how we wage war, and how it affects our relationships with other nations.
The Misfits also discuss the world’s most expensive drug and what to expect from the Federal Reserve’s meeting today.
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