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The Final Countdown
Hosted by international journalist, Angie Wong, along with author and cartoonist, Ted Rall - The Final Countdown promises a fast-paced discussion of all the biggest stories of the day. Join us to countdown to the top stories that impact the global community M-F from 10am to noon!

NY State's Aggressive Step: Seizing Trump's Real Estate Assets

NY State's Aggressive Step: Seizing Trump's Real Estate Assets
On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Angie Wong and Ted Rall navigated through pressing issues with insights from esteemed guests.
In the first hour, The Final Countdown delved into the highly anticipated Hunter Biden hearing with President of the Institute of Liberty Andrew Langer, examining the implications and controversies surrounding the proceedings.
In the second hour, the discussion shifted towards the staggering rise of shoplifting in New York, surpassing $4.4 billion, with Media Commentator Mitch Roschelle.
Continuing in the second hour, the focus turned to the decision for the US to maintain its presence in Niger, as discussed with geopolitical analyst Koffi Kouakou.
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