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NATO Split Up Yugoslavia to Expand Towards Russia – Gen. Mladic’s Son

Darko Mladic, the son and aide of the renowned Serbian general and Balkan wars veteran Ratko Mladic, spoke to Sputnik, urging Russia to draw lessons from the Yugoslavian crisis, as he believes the West is poised to repeat history.
The true purpose of NATO's involvement in Yugoslavia's internal political struggle was expansion to the east, towards the Russian border, Darko Mladic, son and aide of the famous Serbian general Ratko Mladic, told Sputnik.

“My father knew all too well what NATO wanted, why it was going to war in the Balkans, and why Yugoslavia was divided”, he shared.

Darko Mladic recalled that his father served in elite units of the Yugoslav People's Army and was well aware of NATO's plans.
“From them [plans] it was clear that Yugoslavia and the Balkans weren't NATO's [real] goal, NATO wanted to connect the northern and southern wings of the North Atlantic Alliance”, stressed gen. Mladic’s son.
The NATO base in Kosovo and Metohija is called "Bondsteel" and, according to Darko Mladic, this is a reference to the connection that the military alliance has managed to establish.
Darko Mladic added that the West has the same plans for Russia and that the conflict in Ukraine has nothing to do with Ukraine itself, but is aimed at "destabilizing Russia".

“It seems to me that the [process] that began in Yugoslavia in 1991 is coming to an end in Ukraine”, he added.

However, Mladic-junior thinks that Russia will avoid the fate of Yugoslavia - not only because of its vast political and military resources, but also because of its active foreign policy.
“I think your leader has realized it [the West's plans] and is now taking steps to prevent it”, he concluded.
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