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Israel Attacks Syria, Haiti Transitional Council, Inflation Rises

Israel Attacks Syria, Haiti Transitional Council, Inflation Rises
Tuberculosis cases surge in the US, and an estranged husband puts his spouse away for murder.
Former Washington Post bureau chief and award-winning foreign correspondent Jon Jeter joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss what the latest indicators tell us about how the US economy is functioning, the USDA warning about food retail monopolies and price gouging, whether home foreclosures will continue to rise and how that will affect local communities, whether President Joe Biden’s $26 million star-studded fundraiser will be off-putting to struggling voters, what those millions will actually achieve, and the private slush fund quietly funneling corporate money to police forces across the country.
Editor of the English Section of Haiti Liberte Kim Ives discusses a new report by the United Nations on soaring violence in Port-au-Prince, where the illegal guns flowing into Haiti are coming from, what to expect from Haiti’s new transitional council, and whether the US will move to protect Haitian migrants.
Activist and journalist Robert Fantina discusses fears of a regional war as Israel expands bombings and assassinations in Lebanon and Syria, a cabinet shakeup in the unpopular Palestinian Authority, talks between the Pentagon and Israel about a possible US-led "peacekeeping" force in Gaza, France's leadership continuing its hawkish rhetoric on Ukraine as he faces a possible electoral defeat, Kiev lobbying the EU for access to further stolen Russian assets, and how farmer protests in Europe continue.
Editor of the Pan African Newswire Abayomi Azikiwe discusses why the US is so eager to expand its relationship with Equatorial Guinea, how this budding relationship reveals Washington’s flexibility with regard to democracy and human rights among its allies, and how the US hides AFRICOM’s connections to coup leaders in Africa.
The Misfits also discuss dad bods, and this week’s news of the Weird, including a GOP official accused of illegal voting, Elon Musk’s drug use, a mourner caught en déshabillé, and a sneaky eel.
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