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Moscow Demands Terror Suspects, DOJ Revolving Door, AT&T Data Breach

Moscow Demands Terror Suspects, DOJ Revolving Door, AT&T Data Breach
The Turkish president’s party loses big in regional elections, and United and Boeing have another embarrassing weekend.
International affairs and security analyst Mark Sleboda joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss Russia demanding terrorism suspects from Ukraine, the latest attempt to revive and legitimize “Havana Syndrome,” the political future of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as protests rage in Tel Aviv, continued Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Syria, and whether UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is facing an election bloodbath.
Lawyer, writer, former journalist and environmental advocate Steven Donziger discusses the revolving door between the high-profile law firms that defend corporations when they’re accused of harming American citizens and the US Department of Justice, which is supposed to defend the rights of those citizens. He talks about the impact of this corporate takeover of the DOJ and US court systems, and how it paved the way for his own unprecedented corporate prosecution.
Writer and journalist Daniel Lazare discusses Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to vacate Speaker Mike Johnson, whether Democrats will save the chamber’s most conservative speaker, what to make of former President Donald Trump’s ongoing provocations to the judges overseeing cases against him, the surprising popularity of Robert Kennedy’s running mate, why we should be very concerned about the FBI showing up at a woman’s doorstep to question her about social media posts, and questionable prosecutions in the United States.
Technologist and cohost of the CovertAction Podcast Chris Garaffa discusses a massive data breach at AT&T affecting 73 million current and former users, what real data protection would look like, and parallels to how we discuss "protecting" data and the way we discuss other technology “falling into the wrong hands.”
The Misfits also discuss the return of thousands of returning snowbirds who are reversing their move to Florida, and Getty Images questioning the British royal family.
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