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ICJ Orders Halt in Rafah, Norfolk Southern Settlement, NCAA Allows Pay

ICJ Orders Halt in Rafah, Norfolk Southern Settlement, NCAA Allows Pay
Democrats scramble to downplay former President Donald Trump’s support after a rally in the Bronx.
Phil Kelly, a political commentator and socialist activist based in Belfast, joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the International Court of Justice’s order to Israel to stop its operation in Rafah, why the court was forced to act, and whether to expect any effort from the UN to enforce this order. He also talks about the anticipated rightward shift in European politics, how immigration policies reveal the overlap between the far right and supposedly liberal politicians, and how the EU intends to manage potentially absorbing a country like Ukraine.
Levi Rickert, editor and publisher of Tribal Business News, and founder, publisher, and editor of Native News Online, discusses a settlement struck between US and tribal governments to apportion Colorado River water, and why Navajo Nation is asking the US government to stop transporting uranium ore across its territory.
Activist, former educator, host of the Sabby Sabs podcast and co-host of Revolutionary Blackout Network Sabrina Salvati discusses the reality of election integrity in the US, whether Donald Trump’s support really is softening, the danger Senator Tom Cotton might present as a vice presidential candidate, whether term limits for Supreme Court justices will help alleviate political pressures and scandals, why Ohio has gone red, Norfolk Southern’s settlement with East Palestine, and Louisiana’s reclassification of abortion drugs.
Journalist, videographer, and organizer with the PSL in Connecticut Karleigh Webb discusses a new settlement by the NCAA and other entities to allow student athletes to get paid, what effect this might have on college sports, and how it will impact college scholarships.
The Misfits also discuss efforts by the US government to suppress political speech online, reports on Russia’s success at jamming American weapons in Ukraine, and this week’s news of the weird.
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