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Paul Craig Roberts: Western Involvement Escalates Ukraine Conflict

© AP Photo / Vadim GhirdaВоенные США во время учений на авиабазе Михаила Когэлничану, Румыния
Военные США во время учений на авиабазе Михаила Когэлничану, Румыния - Sputnik International, 1920, 31.05.2024
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The West is thoroughly involved in the ongoing Ukraine conflict and is also widening it, former US Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan administration Paul Craig Roberts told Sputnik commenting on the latest US announcement that President Joe Biden allowed Ukraine to use its weapons near Kharkov.
Roberts pointed out that the Ukraine conflict has been widening ever since it started with the West sending every weapon to Ukraine that initially it said it would not.

“Troops would never be sent, but the French Foreign Legion is now sent, and the NATO consensus is building to send NATO troops,” he said.

A State Department spokesperson told Sputnik that Biden has greenlighted Ukrainian strikes using US-supplied weapons inside the Russian territory for counter-fire purposes in the Kharkov region of Ukraine, but has not authorized the use of long-range missiles, including ATACMS, inside Russia.
A Ukrainian soldier passes by a destroyed Butovka coal mine as he approaches his front line position in the town of Avdeyevka in the Donetsk region - Sputnik International, 1920, 31.05.2024
Ukraine ‘Advocates’ Are Fighting for Its Destruction
“There is no reason for long-range missiles supplied to Ukraine by Washington except to hit distant targets. Long-range missiles are not battlefront weapons,” Roberts asserted. “If the missiles are not intended to be used for their purpose, why give them to Ukraine?”
Roberts went on to say that although Russia has won in its stated goal of liberating Donbas, that region is not the endgame for the West.
“Putin has won his version of the war - the liberation of Donbas - but Washington's version of the war is not limited to Donbas,” he said. “If Putin doesn't quickly use the necessary force to bring the conflict to a quick end, he will be faced with NATO troops in Western Ukraine and the incorporation of Ukraine west of the Dnieper into NATO with nuclear missile bases on Russia's expanded border.”
Ukraine has received billions of dollars in donations and loans from its allies since Russia launched its special military operation in February 2022. The United States alone has provided more than $100 billion in military, economic and humanitarian aid. Russia has repeatedly warned countries supplying weapons to Ukraine that it sees military shipments as legitimate targets.
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