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Billionaires Rally for Trump, Israel Advances in Rafah, Overdose Deaths

Billionaires Rally for Trump, Israel Advances in Rafah, Overdose Deaths
The GOP breaks fundraising records after their presumptive nominee is found guilty on dozens of felony counts yesterday.
Founder and CEO of the nonprofits Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action and host of the podcast Macro n Cheese Steve Grumbine joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakout to discuss the public response to former President Donald Trump’s conviction in his New York hush money case, how billionaire political donors are running to Trump’s defense, how the mainstream press views billionaire political activities, and the economic climate amid Federal Reserve’s policies and slowing GDP growth.
Professor and member of the board of the Museum of the Palestinian People Nizar Farsakh discusses the latest movements of Israel in Rafah, what protections Palestinians civilians have, the role Egypt is playing in the conflict and how Egypt’s internal crises affect its reaction to the Gaza war, the US-UK bombing of Yemen yesterday and the political calculations of the Houthis regarding their involvement in the conflict.
Bruce Fein, constitutional scholar and former associate deputy attorney general, discusses the legal basis of Trump's conviction, the strongest points of law on which his lawyers might appeal, the issue of judicial bias, the sentence Trump should expect, the future of other delayed cases against Trump, how the office of president fits into American law, and questions surrounding judicial ethics amid continued Supreme Court controversies.
Medical doctor and a member of the steering committee of HOPE - Health Over Profit Dr. Margaret Flowers discusses the overdose crisis in Baltimore, why overdose rates are so much higher there than in the rest of the country, and the importance of data collection in public health.
The Misfits also discuss a third case of human H5N1 in the US, Google’s failures, and this week’s News of the Weird, including some senior citizens run amok and a biting priest.
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