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Ceasefire Politics, Hunter Biden Gun Trial, Mexican Election

Ceasefire Politics, Hunter Biden Gun Trial, Mexican Election
The Washington Post demonizes journalists and questions the value of investigation and contenders for California’s congressional seats.
International geopolitical consultant, veteran and former security analyst Dr. David Oualaalou joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss expectations surrounding the ceasefire proposal announced by US President Joe Biden, the domestic political implications of that proposal in Israel and the US, whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government can hold, why the US Congress keeps inviting Netanyahu to address it, why the Ukrainian president is openly criticizing China now, and what might come from this month’s Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland.
Longtime agent, manager and film and television producer Nick Mechanic discusses the worst blockbuster kickoff season in several decades, why so much TV and film production is leaving southern California, whether there is a real "crisis in creativity" in Hollywood, how Hollywood has been slow to recover from COVID, and what to expect to see in the continued battle between traditional studios and streaming services.
Labor attorney, human rights activist, and author Daniel Kovalik discusses the jury selection today in Hunter Biden’s trial on gun charges, other charges Hunter faces relating to tax fraud, Capitol Hill testimony provided by former NIAID head Anthony Fauci, the high rate of Congressional retirements, the blocking of Biden appointments by Senate Republicans, former President Donald Trump awaiting sentencing in New York, and the Washington Post’s latest attack on journalists.
Executive director of the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition Juan Jose Gutierrez discusses the landslide victory of Claudia Sheinbaum in this weekend’s Mexican presidential election, what promises she’s making, who Sheinbaum's main opposition was and how violence in the election cycle may have affected local races.
The Misfits also discuss new honors for ABBA and Atlanta’s weekend water disaster.
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