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Discover the World's Top Gold Producers for 2023

Gold production has been a significant industry for numerous countries over the years, and it remains a crucial commodity used in various applications such as jewelry, coins, electronics, and medical equipment.
Gold production has consistently been on the rise in recent years, with annual output reaching 3,039 tons in 2023. The top five gold-producing countries, namely Russia, China, Australia, the United States, and Canada, collectively contribute to over 50% of the world's total output of the yellow metal.
In 2023, the leading gold producers were China and Russia, each boasting an output of 322 tons, followed closely by Australia with 294 tons.
Other major contributors to worldwide gold production included Canada, the United States, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Ghana, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Mali, and Tanzania.
Take a look at Sputnik's infographic revealing the world's leading gold producing countries:
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