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Church-State Crisis, Continental Water War, Russia-NK Pact

Church-State Crisis, Continental Water War, Russia-NK Pact
Israeli generals are increasingly at odds with their prime minister, and Boeing scrambles to make Starliner safe for its ISS return trip.
International affairs and security analyst Mark Sleboda joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the mutual defense agreement signed between Russia and North Korea, what the language of the agreement commits the two countries to, how hunger for artillery shells is shaping the Ukraine conflict, the response in the rest of East Asia to the agreement, and who will actually be affected by the EU’s new sanctions on Russian natural gas.
Journalist and co-founder of Kawsachun News Ollie Vargas discusses a possible looming water war between the United States and Mexico; how the political relationship between the US and its southern neighbors affects their ability to navigate global challenges; and the forced auction of Venezuela’s US-based oil subsidiary, Citgo.
Writer and editor of the Polemicist Jim Kavanagh discusses preparations by President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump for their first 2024 campaign debate, the exclusion of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from the debate stage, the state of public opinion on the two leading candidates, Biden's weakening numbers with women voters, this season's Supreme Court rulings, the escalation of military operations between Israel and Lebanon, and Louisiana’s new law mandating that the Ten Commandments be posted in Louisiana public schools.
Editor of the English Section of Haiti Liberte Kim Ives discusses the Biden plan to send Kenyan police to fight gangs in Haiti, why US State Department officials are labeling it a “disaster,” why the operation has been delayed thus far, the state of the interim government in Haiti, and a UN report on how Haitian instability has displaced half a million people.
The Misfits also discuss a Vermont legislative water debacle, the passing of actor and antiwar activist Donald Sutherland, and the expansion of age requirement verifications on adult film websites.
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