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Scott Ritter on Ukraine's Shelling of Sevastopol: It's Direct Attack on Russia by US and NATO

© Sputnik / Konstantin Mihalchevskiy / Go to the mediabankSituation in Sevastopol after Ukrainian Armed Forces missile attack
Situation in Sevastopol after Ukrainian Armed Forces missile attack - Sputnik International, 1920, 24.06.2024
On Sunday, the Ukrainian armed forces attacked Russia's Sevastopol, using US-made ATACMS missiles with cluster warheads, four of which were shot down and one deflected and exploded over the city.
Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter commented on Ukraine's terrorist attack on Sevastopol.
“The Ukrainians made a decision to use ATACMS missiles equipped with cluster munitions against a city, a civilian city. This is an act of terrorism,” Ritter emphasized.
“Ukraine since 2014 has been bombarding Russian civilian sites, cities, villages, towns for the sole purpose of inflicting death and destruction on Russian civilians. This is an act of terrorism and given that the ATACMS missiles cannot be deployed by the Ukrainians without extensive intelligence support by the United States, this is an act of terrorism by the United States against Russia,” the analyst said.
Commenting on the terrorist attacks in Russia’s Dagestan, Ritter said they were "deliberately designed to disrupt the civil life of the Russian Federation". He highlighted that the CIA has historically made attempts to “engender a split between the Muslim and non-Muslim segments of Russian society” and failed.
“That effort failed and the effort in Dagestan will fail, too, but it doesn't absolve the parties involved of their guilt in launching what is a direct assault on the Russian Federation,” Ritter insisted.
The situation in Sevastopol after the missile attack on the city by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.06.2024
Why US and Ukraine Deliberately Chose Russia's Sevastopol for Terror Attack
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