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Julian Assange Freed, Kenyan Anti-IMF Protests, Hollywood in Decay?

Julian Assange Freed, Kenyan Anti-IMF Protests, Hollywood in Decay?
Famed whistleblower Julian Assange released after years of political persecution in the West.
Journalist and writer for Shadowproof.com Kevin Gosztola joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the release and plea deal settled by Julian Assange, how the United States failed to extradite Assange, and whether there is any likelihood Assange will face more charges by the United States.
Spokesperson for Black Hive Anthony Rogers Wright discusses the release of Julian Assange from Belmarsh prison and how it relates to the Biden administration, how certain Republicans have celebrated the release of Assange, how Biden and Trump are preparing for the first debate between the two leading candidates in the 2024 election, a possible backsliding on human rights as a result of Supreme Court rulings, and expectations for this week’s primary results.
Editor of Pan African Newswire Abayomi Azikiwe discusses the tense and volatile situation in Kenya as protests against the International Monetary Fund spread throughout the country, how the demonstrations are also against the deployment of Kenyan police to Haiti, why Kenyan President William Ruto is being rewarded by Washington for his cooperation with their interests in Africa, an update on the war in Sudan between military factions as civil societies call for peace and the return of democracy, allegations of foreign interference into the conflict in Sudan, and the fallout of the most recent South African elections.
Belffast-based political commentator and socialist activist Phil Kelly discusses the issue of starvation in Gaza as Israeli forces prevent the entry of humanitarian aid, Israel's admitted change in military strategy in Gaza that includes a transition away from large-scale operations to targeted attacks, the arrival of Israeli leading general Yoav Gallant to Washington for meetings with US leaders, the possible expansion of hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah, and coordinated terror attacks in Dagestan region in Russia.

Longtime agent, manager, and producer of films and television series Nick Mechanic discusses chaos in Hollywood as the studio system faces existential threats, how those in show business in Los Angeles are able to salvage their careers, how foreign programming affects domestically produced content, the domination of streaming services, and the future of entertainment industry in the United States.
The Misfits also discuss the primary race between progressive sitting Congressman Jamaal Bowman and AIPAC-backed challenger George Latimer.
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