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US Awaits Landmark SCOTUS Rulings on Trump's Immunity

U.S. Awaits Landmark SCOTUS Rulings on Trump's Immunity and Several Other Topics
On this edition of The Final Countdown, hosts Ted Rall and Angie Wong discuss many topics, including the US awaiting landmark SCOTUS rulings.
The show begins with CIA whistleblower and co-host of Political Misfits John Kiriakou sharing his expertise on Julian Assange's plea deal and whether it sets a precedent for journalists and whistleblowers.
Then, constitutional lawyer and conservative commentator Rory Riley-Topping shares her legal expertise on various SCOTUS decisions including state bans on gender care.
The show closes with Aviv Bushinsky, the former Media Advisor and Chief of Staff for the Prime Minister of Israel, weighing in on a Pew Research poll that reveals political divisions within Israel.
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