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Labour Reclaims UK Parliament, Orban in Moscow, Ecuador’s Anti-IMF Protests

Labour Reclaims UK Parliament, Orban in Moscow, Ecuador’s Anti-IMF Protests
Questions about the mental capacity of US President Joe Biden continue into the holiday weekend as he can't stop saying weird things.
Labor attorney, human rights activist and author Daniel Kovalik joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and Ben Zinevich to discuss the landslide victory of the UK Labour Party and what the overall results of the election say about the British electorate, Hungarian leader Viktor Orban’s back-to-back visits to Kiev and Moscow, reports that Israel is once again engaging in ceasefire negotiations, and contradictory trends in labor regulation and support under .
Mohawk activist, educator and radio show host John Kane discusses a report by the Biden administration on the destruction of native economies and cultures caused by damming the Columbia River and the difference between admitting to causing such destruction through carelessness versus acknowledging that it was deliberately intended to destroy tribal ways of life. He discusses similar actions and results on the East Coast, the ongoing “sacrifice” of native land for corporate profit, and whether the Biden administration has meaningfully pivoted away from a history of federal injustices against native communities.
Economist, radio show host and author Dr. Jack Rasmus discusses today's job report and how to interpret government figures on job creation and employment. He also discusses the ways in which American oligarchs exercise influence over the political process, whether Joe Biden can regain his campaign footing, why there’s so much debate about the political fortunes of Vice President Kamala Harris, and what to expect from the NATO summit in Washington, DC, next week.
Journalist and co-editor of Peoples Dispatch Zoe Alexandra discusses the surge in social unrest in Ecuador, how the administration of President Daniel Noboa fits into the history of neoliberal policies in Ecuador and who is organizing the current round of protests there. She also discusses the ongoing detention of former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas and Mexico’s suit against Ecuador for violating the sovereignty of its embassy in arresting him.
The Misfits also discuss theories about who is undermining Joe Biden and why and results from the traditional Fourth of July hot dog eating competition.
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