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Hillary Clinton: Ready for Emailgate

Hillary Clinton: Ready for Emailgate
Everybody in the US has an opinion about Hillary Clinton, and their views about her just got even more polarized with the latest scandal to involve the former First Lady and Secretary of State.

It has now been revealed that Hillary was using a private email address while serving as America’s top diplomat, in what may potentially have been an illegal action, according to some Republicans.

The scandal was heightened when it emerged that thousands of her private emails were deleted, whereas all of her correspondences were supposed to have been archived per federal law. In her defense, she says that they were about private topics like yoga lessons and planning her daughter’s wedding, but an increasing amount of people refuse to believe her. They insist that she may have hidden some secrets related to the 2011 Bengahzi terrorist attacks, and the scandal is now threatening her expected Presidential campaign.

Ernest Sultanov, expert and coordinator, MIR-initiative independent think-tank (Moscow), studio guest:

“It is an issue of marketing and PR agencies to spend money on fixing such scandals”

“The idea of a ‘Reset’ with Russia, which Hillary brought to Moscow, was right, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to implement it”

Roger Wilson, a practicing attorney in Atlanta, Georgia:

“So there’s three examples; David Petraus, Sandy Burger, and John Deutch, and all three of them were either indicted or plead guilty for similar or lesser offenses than what Hillary is being accused of.”

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