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Lee Kuan Yew: One Man Who Changed The World

Lee Kuan Yew: One Man Who Changed The World
The world is trying to unwrap the riddle of the late founding father of Singapore who turned a tiny island into an economic powerhouse.

Just as important, but somewhat unaddressed by the Western media, is that Lee Kuan Yew utilized what some would describe as an ‘illiberal democracy' to build his country, espousing ‘Asian Values' to maintain order and promote development.

With Russia favoring a non-Western form of democracy and emphasizing its own unique values separate from Europe's, Yew's management style and ideas clearly seem to have caught on and might represent his longest lasting legacy.

Sergei Strokan:

"I was one of three Russian journalists privileged to meet him here in Moscow 4 years ago."

"What struck me most of all was his art of listening and his active nature in asking questions."

"I think world leaders are lacking the art of listening to one another."

 "He was saying that the East and West shouldn't impose their values on one another."

Sergei Oznobnischev, Director, Institute for Strategic Assessment and Deputy-chairman, "Russia-USA" Association  (studio guest)

"He managed to unite things which can't be united from first glance."

"Russia still doesn't know how to unite the ideas of socialism, liberal democracy, and a strong central policy, but Singapore demonstrates that they can in fact be united."

"Singapore, without its natural resources besides its port, demonstrated that it could serve as a bridge between different countries in Asia."

Kwong Kin Ming, Master in Public Policy, Graduate of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, (Hong Kong)

"Lee left three legacies; Singapore will continue to reply on foreign capital; the hardline approach of the government will be attractive to others; and the pragmatic approach of Singapore's diplomacy is evident."

"Singapore has been changing."

"The Singaporean model is hard to transplant because geopolitics matters."

Jouhari Oratmangun, Indonesia's Ambassador to Russia

"Lee Kuan Yew was a friend of Indonesia."

"He's one of the original creators of ASEAN."

"Singapore's location in the center made it a hub for other countries in the region."

"The government's management style could be copied by other countries."

Dr. Oh Ei Sun, Senior Fellow, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

"Asian Values are productive and a counterweight to overwhelming Western values."

"It is important to have an elected but strong government that could push through a lot of policies."

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