NATO Should Have Been Dissolved at End of Cold War – Jacob Hornberger

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An overgrown US military establishment poses the biggest threat to world peace and American liberty, Jacob G. Hornberger stated, stressing that the NATO alliance should have been dissolved at the end of the Cold War.

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Americans have idolized the US' overgrown military establishment, turning a blind eye to the fact that these people are "ingenious" at creating crises and then "playing the innocent," economist and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation Jacob G. Hornberger pointed out.

"The fact is that NATO should have been dissolved at the end of the Cold War. It wasn't dissolved for one big reason: in order to produce endless crises with Russia so that Americans would feel the need to keep their overgrown, Cold War-era, military establishment in existence," Mr. Hornberger underscored.

While the US warmongers are discussing the possibility of Russia's "aggression" in Eastern Europe, they remain silent on NATO's rapid expansion in the region. Indeed, NATO "has been absorbing Eastern European countries" since the end of the Cold War, keeping Ukraine in mind as a future NATO foothold on Russia's borders, the economist emphasized.

Mr. Hornberger stressed that there was never a possibility that Russia would allow the US-led NATO coalition to create a military base on its borders, just like the American national-security establishment would never permit Pyongyang to establish a military stronghold on Mexico's side of the Rio Grande.

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However, those who indulge America's military establishment's warmongering, incline to consider Russia the aggressor in the crisis.

"Under what authority is America's overgrown military establishment telling Eastern Europeans that the United States will come to their defense in a war against Russia?" asked Jacob G. Hornberger, stressing that under the US Constitution it has always been the responsibility of Congress "to decide when America goes to war."

Furthermore, the US military establishment has oddly become the country's "good-will ambassador," parading now around Eastern Europe and showing off their tanks and military equipment.

Mr. Hornberger cited George Washington, the first President of the United States who had repeatedly warned the nation against militarism, saying that "overgrown military establishments are inauspicious to liberty."

It is the time to review America's founding principles, Jacob G. Hornberger noted, pointing to the fact the US military elites pose a substantial threat to the country's liberty and democratic processes.

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