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Yemen of Discord: Is Saudi Meddling Legal?

Yemen of Discord: is Saudi Meddling Legal?
Regional powers are involved into a dispute over the fate of the Arab nation in a conflict that is reshaping the whole Middle East region.

Saudi Arabia led a coalition of its allied states in bombing Houthi rebels positions in Yemen, saying that the objective of the campaign is to restore ousted President Hadi to power and defeat what Riyadh claims are Iranian-supported militias.

The war has obviously not been without controversy, however, since civilian casualties begin to climb as the bombing continues. The humanitarian situation was made worse when Saudi Arabia bombed a refugee camp in Northern Yemen, killing 40 and injuring over 200.

Russia has been calling for a cessation of violence by all sides since the conflict first began, but the Saudis and their allies seem unwilling to restrain themselves as they gear up for a potential land invasion. The thing is, the entire war might actually be illegal, since there was no international mandate to justify it in the first place.

Vladimir Sotnikov, Director, East-West Strategic studies Center, Moscow independent think-tank (studio guest):

“There are multiplying crises right now threatening global stability – Yemen, Syria, and Libya – so they should be handled accordingly by coordinated efforts.”

“A counter-balance should be struck between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Yemen.”

“The Houthis are fighting Al Qaeda and the ‘Islamic State’.”

Author of International Law: An Irish Perspective Dr. Roslyn Fuller, INSYTE Interdisciplinary Research Group, Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland:

“The Houthi’s are not threatening Saudi Arabia, so the bombings cannot be called self-defence.”

“The Houthi Movement are not any version of Islamic terrorists so outside military interference cannot be part of the "war on terror”.”

“President Hadi’s case is very similar to ousted President Yanukovych in the Ukraine.”

“What Saudi Arabia is doing is meddling in an internal conflict and this should be a matter for the UN Security Council.”

Roger Wilson, an adjunct law professor at John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, Georgia:

“The action of the Saudis and others attacking Yemen is quite improper.”

“Clearly, the military attacks are illegal under international law.”

“The US is violating the very UN Charter it established and got the rest of the world to join.”

“Launching attacks against Yemen is forbidden by the UN Charter and even the UNSC Resolution that was passed before.”

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