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Australian Jihadists Victims of 'Slick' ISIL Online Campaign - NGO

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A spokesman for an Australian Muslim Advocacy Organization claims that Young Australian jihadists, reportedly enlisted by the ISIL militant group over the last two months, fell victims to ISIL "slick" online recruitment campaign.

MOSCOW (Sputnik), Svetlana Alexandrova – Young Australian jihadists, reportedly enlisted by the ISIL militant group over the last two months, fell victims to ISIL "slick" online recruitment campaign, a spokesman for an Australian Muslim Advocacy Organization told Sputnik Monday.

Last week, local media reported, citing Victoria's anti-terrorism taskforce, that more than a dozen young Australian women have attempted to join ISIL extremist groups after they were offered marriage, a lavish life and security while in the Middle East.

The women, the youngest of which was aged 18, were reported to have been lured by recruiters in social networks.

"Conflict in Syria and the online presence of the Islamic State" that runs "very effective recruitment campaign that is quite slick and appeals to many young people" are two consistent factors leading to radicalization and violent extremism, Kuranda Seyit said.

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He added that the process of radicalization often involves influence from a group or an individual such as a sheikh or imam, whom the young person respects and admires.

"If a young person has a high sense of justice and duty, feels compassionate about the suffering of others, then he is vulnerable to online campaigns and tend to believe the propaganda about ISIL and their righteous objectives," Seyit said.

The issue of Muslim youth radicalization was brought to light in September when Australian police arrested 15 people in Sydney raids, triggered by a senior ISIL militant’s call for "demonstration killings."

Australian government is reportedly working to introduce a legislation that will allow authorities to deprive individuals of Australian citizenship for joining ISIL. According to the government data, at least 100 Australians are fighting alongside ISIL extremists in the Middle East.

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