After Two Coups in Ukraine, US Takes Aim at Russia – Italian Media

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Maidan square in Kiev, Ukraine, Feb 19, 2014 - Sputnik International
To understand what’s really happening in Ukraine, one needs to know the current relations between the United States and Russia, renowned Italian political journalist Marcello Foa told news portal Il Blog di Beppe Grillo in an interview.

After Ukraine, Washington plans to organize a similar coup in Moscow and overthrow the current government of Vladimir Putin, Foa said.

“Behind the events in Ukraine there is the US strategy, aimed, on the one hand, at isolating Russia and, on the other hand, at controlling Eurasia by creating a corridor from Western Europe to Asia, to be precise,” Foa told the Italian news website.

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To achieve its goal of controlling Russia, and thus all of Eurasia, the United States needs to get a grip on Ukraine, as it is a key geopolitical region. The battle for Ukraine started in 2004, when Western agents helped to organize the first “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine.

However, Russia managed to swing Ukraine back after Viktor Yanukovych was elected as the President of the country, the Italian journalist said.

Ten years later Washington organized another revolution, with the help of radical neo-Nazi groups.

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This time, the United States carefully chose the moment to stage a coup. The timing was perfect, as in February 2014 Vladimir Putin was busy with the Sochi Olympic Games and couldn’t do anything to prevent the illegal overthrow of power in Ukraine, Foa said.

At the same time, since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has not done anything to destabilize international peace. All Putin wanted for his country was to make it richer and to integrate Russia into the international economic system, the journalist said.

Meanwhile, the United States has been on a warpath, involving itself in the domestic politics of other nations and staging coup after coup. After the conflicts in Georgia and Ukraine, Putin realized that his country would be Washington’s next target.

“This is a very dangerous game,” Foa said, adding the Ukrainian crisis might lead to a large scale war between the United States and Russia. It would be a disaster for everyone, including Italy, as there are US military bases sitting all over the Mediterranean, the Italian journalist added.

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