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Mania for Latest iPhones and Gadgets DESTROYS the Environment

Mania For Latest iphones and Other Gadgets With Built In Obsolescence DESTROYS The Environment
People camp out outside shops to be the first to buy the latest iphone or ipad. Why? Because our societies are based on hyper-consumption, and we are psyched into believing that this is what we need. This is what keeps our growth at all costs systems running. In a situation where resources are running out, is this really the best we can do?

Join John Harrison and Philippe Sibaud from the London based Gaia Foundation in a discussion about the following issues: The fact that the present economic growth-at-all-costs economic model has a fundamental flaw – that is, as Philippe points outs, growth is only possible if you have room to grow. Not if your raw materials and cultivatable space are scarce. The tension between expectations and resources means that there are some 1,500 conflicts happening worldwide as you read this text, because of the actions of major mining companies — some of them household names.

Criticism is one thing, but suggesting viable alternatives is another. In this programme, Phillipe describes a couple of alternative principles behind new economic models which could be used in parallel to our existing growth-based economic system. Also in the programme is the hope that respect for nature and the environment as people vote, using democratic principles, to vote for change.

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