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Refugee Crisis: Putin Blames The West

Refugee Crisis: Putin Blames The West
Russian President Vladimir Putin recent laid the blame for the world’s largest humanitarian crisis squarely on the shoulders of the West, saying that it wouldn’t have been possible had they not pursued their flawed foreign policies in the Mideast.

The dual campaigns of regime change in Libya and Syria are responsible for unleashing the untold suffering that has affected millions of people in these formerly stable and well-off countries. While most of Syria’s refugees are internal ones, there are still a couple million that have opted to leave the country for neighboring states such as Turkey. Held in refugee camps and unable to leave for years, they were finally set free by Ankara and swarmed en mass to Europe’s shores, ushering in the current crisis. Europe still remains oblivious to why this is happening, however, and refuses to acknowledge its culpability in setting the whole chain of events off.

Vladimir Kozin, Chief Adviser and the Head of the Group of Advisers to the Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies; Ghassan Kadi, Syrian/Lebanese activist who has been writing about the war on Syria since it began and Gilbert Mercier, Editor-In-Chief of News Junkie Post join us to discuss the issue.

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