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Obama 'Stricken With Political Paralysis' Over Russia’s Actions in Syria

© AP Photo / Gerald HerbertUS President Barack Obama
US President Barack Obama - Sputnik International
American President Barack Obama - along with his aides - is failing short of figuring out the Rubik’s Cube of Middle Eastern political affairs. Every new step seems to distance him away from resolving the ongoing political conflicts, US media claims.

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Has has no proper strategy for settling the Middle East conflict, has no plan for fighting against extremists in the region, and, above all, he is not ready to take action to deal with the Syrian crisis, a New York Times reporter wrote.

“President Obama this year defined his approach to crises like the civil war in Syria as 'strategic patience and persistence,'” the newspaper said, citing the words of another American leader. “But with Russian jets and missiles now rocketing through the skies over Syria, what he calls patience looks to many critics like paralysis.”

Obama's advisers admitted that they are doing little to change the game in Syria and Obama is not eager to confront Russia, as he fears the risks of escalation of the conflict, the author pointed out.

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Since the beginning of the US-led alliance’s military operations, the joint forces have launched over 7,300 air attacks against jihadists’ positions, but apparently haven’t achieved their objectives – ISIL is still in control of vast areas in both Iraq and Syria, according to the Washington Post.

Moreover, the reporter continued, things are constantly getting more complicated for the Obama administration in the Middle East. In Iraq the US seems to fight against ISIL alongside with Iran, but in Syria they are attempting to overthrow the country’s legitimate president Bashar al-Assad, who is supported by Tehran. And the fail of the US’s program to train so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels doesn’t add points to Obama’s policy.

“[Obama’s aides] have been left to puzzle out the Rubik’s Cube of Middle East politics in which the move of each interlocking part seems to put a coherent solution even further out of reach," the paper declares.

As a result, Obama is being advised to wait until Russian intervention in Syria is over. Frustrated by their own unwillingness to find a solution to the Middle East crisis for over four years, Obama and his administration have nothing to do, but hope that Russia will fail in Syria, the reporter concluded.

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