Russia Calls on UN States to Be More Decisive in Opposing Illicit Oil Trade

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A senior Russian diplomat stressed that UN member-states must be more strict in their adherence to UN Security Council Resolution 2199, which calls for strong opposition to illegal oil trade by terrorist groups.

This undated image posted by the Raqqa Media Center, a Syrian opposition group, on Monday, June 30, 2014, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, shows fighters from the al-Qaida linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) during a parade in Raqqa, Syria. - Sputnik International
Stopping Oil, Arms Sales to Extremists to Resolve Middle East Crisis - NGO
MOSCOW (Sputnik) – UN member-states must be more strict in their adherence to UN Security Council Resolution 2199, which calls for strong opposition to illegal oil trade by terrorist groups, such as Islamic State (ISIL), a senior Russian diplomat stressed.

"If one year ago experts were talking about ISIS [ISIL] extracting 30,000 barrels a day, now there is talk of 40,000-50,000 barrels. Meanwhile UN Security Council Resolution 2199 recognizes that illicit oil trade is the main source of ISIS income and obliges all states to oppose it in the strongest terms," Ilya Rogachev, head of the Department for New Challenges and Threats (DNCT) at the Foreign Ministry said in an interview with the Russian Kommersant newspaper to be published on Friday.

According to Rogachev, Russia thinks that there is a lack of effectiveness in the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2199.

"We have not abandoned various attempts to offer certain measures that would urge [UN] states to approach their responsibilities in that respect more thoroughly," the Russian diplomat said.

Rogachev recalled that Russia had proposed creating a monitoring mechanism that would be charged with overseeing the implementation of Resolution 2199, however, the initiative was blocked in the UN Security Council.

IS is a radical Sunni group that has ceased vast areas in Iraq and Syria. Russia, as well as a US-led international coalition, has been conducting airstrikes against IS targets in Syria.

IS has claimed responsibility for the November 13 terrorists attacked in Paris, which killed 129 people and injured over 350.

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