Rise of Machines: Robots Could Wage War Against Humanity by 2055

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The war between robots and humans will become possible in 2055, as by that time intelligent machines globally will outnumber humans and will likely want to take control of the world, a science fiction author has predicted.

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Artificial intelligence will be capable of challenging their human creators within the next 40 years, when they will surpass people in number and will likely demand self-control, Logan Streondj, a software programmer turned science-fiction author wrote in his blog.

“The most likely time-frame for an artilect war style conflict would be between 2040 and 2055,” he wrote, according to Business Insider.

Streondj made his assessments while preparing his new novel, “A home for robots or-else artilect war.” To arrive at the prediction he compared statistical data from open sources and concluded that robots are developing and growing in numbers faster than humans do.

The number of robots is increasing much quicker than that of humans, he pointed out. The human population grows by one percent annually, while the robot production capacity has an approximate year-to-year increase of 15 percent.

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“In around 25 years, parity will be reached — the number of robots and humans being produced per year will be the same,” he stated.

But taking into account that an average robot’s working life is around a seventh of average life expectancy of a man, Streondj outlined, about seven times more intelligent machines per year will be needed to match the human population by 2050.

“If, however, there is no assistance from humans fighting for the entitlements of robots, and the robots are forced to revolt by themselves, likely they would do so when outnumbering humans 10 to 1, which would (assuming trends continue) be in 55 years, or around 2070.”

Streondj joins a long list of those who have predicted there could be some kind of a standoff between humans and robots in future.

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Stephen Hawking claimed in 2014 that robots will become more intelligent than people in the next 100 years, and will possibly cause the end of humanity. Nick Bostrom, an Oxford University scientist, reiterated that idea, adding that robots will define the forms of human existence.

Prominent business magnates including PayPal creator and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates have both said that AI will likely become an “existential threat” for human beings sooner or later.

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