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Europe: The Rape of Multiculturalism

Europe: The Rape of Multiculturalism
An unprecedented wave of sexual crimes in the German city of Cologne perpetrated by attackers from the non-Western world sparked new debate all across Europe on its troubled immigration policy.

In an article entitled “Europe: Demoralized, invaded and violated”, written by Sam Gerrans and carried by RT, the expert writes that: “While the liberal media is working on damage limitation as the fairy dust on its childlike delusions is blown away by the harsh winds of reality in places like Cologne, it is time for European nations to ask themselves whether they believe in their own right to exist. Just because post-WWII European liberals have been culturally neutered doesn’t mean that the armies of young men pouring in from Arab countries and sub-Saharan Africa have been, too.”

He later writes in his critique that: “I don’t need mainstream media to explain to me what I can see happening. Any time I see an army of young men marching into a foreign country in the face of supine, defeated troops who have lost the will or the wit to fight for those people who pay their wages, then I know what is happening: an invasion is taking place.”

Sergei Oznobischev, Director of the Institute for Strategic Assessments (studio guest); Anneke De Laaf, Dutch Political Activist and editor at; and Dr. Hubertis Hoffmann, founder of,(Berlin) joined us to discuss the issue.

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