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Drone Strikes Used Against New Terror Threat: Zika-Infested Mosquitos

© AP Photo / EchodyneThis drone has an advanced electronically scanning radar on board, equipment usually much too bulky and expensive for such small craft.
This drone has an advanced electronically scanning radar on board, equipment usually much too bulky and expensive for such small craft. - Sputnik International
Brazil applies cutting-edge technology to fight Zika virus, Xinhua reported.

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Local authorities in Brazil took severe measures to fight widespread Zika as they send drones to find and destroy the breeding grounds of the virus-transmitted Aedes aegypti mosquito that hit also dengue chikungunya viruses.

Brazil's most populated city Sao Paolo uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to define mosquito traces in gardens and terraces of shuttered houses and buildings.

An epidemic of birth defects linked to the Zika virus has been long worried by the federal government of Brazil which found investigating and fumigating effective to crush the virus.

Some 60 million residences and business centers have been projected for drones checking by the Brazilian government that enhanced its strategies to fight the mosquito-borne virus.

Despite 27.5 million of checked buildings, 60 percent of houses remain untouched and hard-to-get as people prevent troops and servants from entering their properties even being said it's a matter of security. So officials consider drones as useful tools to access such territories.

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Privacy issues have become a bone of contention between the federal government and Brazilians. Each state has to approve a legislature allowing UAVs investigating sites with signs of dangerous mosquitoes.

The officials of the third largest state of Mato Grosso have agreed to allow cities to use drones for mosquito combatting.

The current Zika outbreak originated in Brazil in the spring of 2015, spread across Latin America and gained widespread media attention as confirmations of first cases emerged in Europe and the United States in recent weeks.

The Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes active in daytime. It does not cause serious complications in adults, but is suspected of leading to severe brain defects and microcephaly cases in newborns.

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