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'West Will Send More Arms Into Ravaged, Destroyed Libya'

"West Will Send More Arms into Ravaged, Destroyed Libya"
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, host Brian Becker speaks with legendary British politician George Galloway about the readiness of the United States and western powers to arm Libya’s new so-called unity government.

Daesh is in the rise as rumors point to more British troops entering the country. Possessing the largest oil-reserves in Africa what are the plans and designs of the NATO powers.

The right wing is on the attack in Latin America. Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has declared a state of emergency as the opposition ramps up efforts to remove him from office. Meanwhile in Brazil, rumors spread about the government selling off state assets just days after Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment. Is Latin America heading toward a cintinet wide political and class showdown? Becker is joined by Professor Frederick Mills and Venezuela Solidarity Campaign UK's secretary Dr. Francisco Dominguez.

Will a 6,700 Senate report detailing how and who the CIA tortured simply disappear? The CIA’s internal watchdog has said it “mistakenly” destroyed its only copy and backup computer file of the report. Was the incident really an accident, and will the officials responsible for torture ever be held accountable? Former CIA analyst John Kiriakou, who went to prison for revealing the existence of the torture joins Becker to talk about whether this report will ever surface.

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