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The US Will Not Let Britain Exit the EU

The US Will Not Let Britain Exit The EU
This is the opinion of Dr Paul Roberts, who served as an assistant secretary of the treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan administration. Also appearing on this programme is Paschos Mandravelis, a Greek journalist.

Dr Roberts explains his view about Brexit and the future of the EU: “The British vote to leave the EU is not binding, so I think most of the discussion about the effect of Brexit is premature, because Washington is not going to allow the British to leave the EU. The EU is a CIA initiative, and Washington has worked for 60 years to put all of the European countries in a bag that is easily controlled. …Some of the 28 countries in the EU have some accountably left to their peoples. Not very much, as Greece has proven, but some still do. …So it is much more convenient if all of these countries are put under the control of an unaccountable, unelected, European commission where only a handful of people make decisions, making it very easy for Washington to control. From Washington’s standpoint, the British will simply not be permitted to leave, and if the process takes two years, they will never get out, because that is two years for Washington to punish the British economy, two years for propaganda against the vote, and the very process of emerging from the EU will require all sorts of agreements to remain part of the single market, and those agreements will tie the British down, so if they leave they will leave in name only.”

To the question that we see other countries throughout Europe wishing to leave, including France where we have a general election coming up in less than a year and, where Marine Le Penn could win — they can’t all be controlled by Washington can they? Dr Roberts replied: “The CIA is capable of stopping all of these countries leaving if they want to. It only takes a few bribes or a few threats, plus the propaganda is so complete. Look at the propaganda against the British vote. It is overwhelming. People are being told that they are racists, that they wreck the economy, that they have wrecked the future of Britain, and the media never stepped in and asked why? In France, only a nationalist like Le Penn, could lead an exit. These people are demonised, they are racists. Furthermore, it is not clear that the CIA will allow Le Penn to be elected president. You might remember what happened to Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The IMF president who was tipped to be the next President of France. He was set up very well [by the CIA]. A number of people who are astute and pay attention have said that the CIA will simply assassinate Le Penn. …documents were released from the National Archives 16 years ago which show that the EU was a CIA initiative. Essentially, a way of putting a barrier up to Russian expansion and as a way for Washington to control European foreign policy. These are official documents that were released. …you can’t say that America which spent 60 years setting this up will simply stand aside whilst it falls apart. Remember what happened when George Soros attacked the British pound. Just one man. What do you think the federal reserve can do to the British pound?”

Paschos Mandravelis said that Greeks are afraid right now, that the world is globalising so fast that they are unable to keep up and cope with it. The elite in Greece, he said, cannot explain what is happening to the Greek people, the problem being that technology is transforming the economy too quickly. Dr Roberts disagrees and feels that it is not technology that is the driving force behind globalisation. “Globalisation is driven by global corporate profits. Globalisation benefits absolutely no-one but the corporations themselves. It undermines all of the social reforms that the European countries had achieved over the past centuries. Look at what is happening in France right now. We have a government which pretends to be socialist, but in fact is neoliberal. It is destroying workers’ rights. Some of the people understand that globalism is not in their interests, and that’s why they are in the streets in Paris and all over France, resisting. We also see resistance against the TTIP, which is another grab for power by global corporations. Europeans realise that it is hard enough holding their own government responsible, but they have no chance of holding the people in Brussels responsible. What the EU does is take people out of the process of government, they no longer have any input. The President of the European parliament, Martin Shulz made this absolutely clear recently in response to the British vote to leave: ‘It is not the EU’s philosophy that the crowd can decide it’s own fate. The view amongst the political elite in Europe is established that the people are not qualified to make political decisions. And this is why I think that the vote in Britain does not mean anything.”

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